Changelog of Coinranking API

All changes and improvements to Coinranking API.


  • October 26: Endpoints update
  • Sept 19: Bug fixed
  • June 5: Added pro labels to menu
  • May 31: Update FAQ to API pricing page
  • May 22: Update to showcase
  • May 8: Many small changes to the API home page.
  • Apr 13: Lower prices of the Startup and Professional subscription.
  • Mar 11: Some bug fixes.
  • Feb 3: An issue with verifying VAT codes is fixed.
  • Feb 2: The loading time of the showcase page has been improved and a new project has been added. Also, a number of small improvements to the dashboard.
  • Feb 1: The home page is improved.
  • Jan 30: Improvements of the documentation: addition of JavaScript, PHP and Python code examples.
  • Jan 27: Improvements of the documentation: an API playground is added.
  • Jan 24: CORS is enabled for free and paid subscriptions.
  • Jan 19: Improvements of the documentation: there is now a 'Getting started' guide.


  • Dec 28: New projects added to the showcase page.
  • Nov 15: Coin notices added to the documentation.

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