What is our ranking methodology?

TL;DR: We rank all cryptocurrencies based on market cap, if they meet a minimum trading volume and pass our filters that prevent ranking manipulation. For price calculation we use volume-weighted averages, using data coming from hundreds of exchanges.

Ranking of cryptocurrencies

The list of all cryptocurrencies is ranked on market cap and is divided into three different tiers.

Trading volume Confirmed supply**
Tier 1* >3 BTC Yes
Tier 2 <3 BTC Yes
Tier 3 - No
*Only cryptocurrencies that belong in tier 1 are calculated in the overall statistics, such as the market cap and 24h trading volume.
**Confirmed supply means that the supplies (circulating, total and maximum supply) are validated by Coinranking.

Price calculation

Every 10 seconds we calculate the volume-weighted average prices (VWAP) on the home page, and the prices on the coin pages are real-time.

Filters preventing manipulation

To avoid short-term manipulation of a coin’s ranking, we’ve put the following filters in place.

  • Cryptocurrencies need to have a trading volume of 3 BTC during a 24 hour period.
  • A price ticker gets ignored when the last price is 50x higher than the previous one.
  • We need to ‘confirm’ the circulating supply
  • It is also possible to filter the coins list on the tiers you require (see the docs).

External data sources

  • (De)centralized exchanges for price determination
  • Block explorers for supply determination
  • Community input, like coin descriptions, icons, websites, socials, etc.

Fake volume

There have been multiple reports of wash trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The report from the Blockchain Transparency Institute is one of these.

We are dedicated to bringing more transparency into the cryptocurrency market. That's why we are looking for ways to filter out wash trading behavior, which results in fake volume.

If our community reports verifiable instances of wash trading on specific markets, then we will take appropriate measures against the trading markets in question.

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