What are the requirements for listing an exchange?

Each exchange will first be reviewed to see if it meets our listing standards.

We will add an exchange if it meets the following criteria:

The exchange...

  • ...has a daily trading volume of at least $3 million. 
  • ...has at least 300,000 visitors per month. 
  • ...has a sizable following on social media.
  • ...has an API endpoint with tickers, including close/last prices and 'trading volume'. 
  • ...has not come up with convincing reports of involvement in faking trading activity.
  • ...has not convincingly been reported by trustworthy sources for conducting illicit activities.

Trading activity and spot trading are required; futures and derivatives are not supported yet.

How to submit my exchange

Ticking off all the requirements above? Send us your listing request by filling in this form and include your daily trading volume and a link to your platform. We will then review your exchange as soon as possible.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject or accept an exchange for any other reason.

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