How do we list exchanges?

Coinranking distinguishes between two types of exchanges and markets: recommended and neutral.

For neutral exchanges, we rank them using the 24-hr volume to rank neutral exchanges on our exchange list. Highly ranked exchanges would have a higher 24-hr trading volume while lower ranking exchanges would have a lower 24-hr trading volume.

Recommended exchanges which are ranked on the top first pages of our exchange list despite its 24-hr trading volume.

In addition, if we encounter any exchanges that have suspicious volumes, we may either state a warning on the exchange page or penalize the exchange page on our website.

What is a Recommended Exchange?

Recommended exchanges are are ranked on the top of our exchange list and tagged with a green tick symbol. This indicates it is subjected and abides by the criteria we impose on on the exchanges to obtain this status.

Criteria for Recommended Status

  • Reputation and Conduct: The exchange must have been operating without any bad reputation or being reported by trustworthy sources for being possibly insolvent, faking trading activity, or conducting any illicit activities for at least 3-5 years.

  • Minimum Daily Trading Volume: Only exchanges with a minimum of $100,000,000 in 24hr trading volume are eligible to apply for Recommended Status.

  • Maintenance of 24hr Trading Volume: Once an exchange is granted Recommended Status, they must ensure that their daily trading volume remains above $50,000,000.

  • Status Revocation: If any exchange with Recommended Status is proven to have less than $50,000,000 in 24hr trading volume for more than 1-4 weeks, reserves the right to revoke the status immediately, pending further notice.

Bonus Criteria

  • Sponsored Exchange Clients: All of our Sponsored Exchange clients will be granted Recommended Status throughout the duration of their campaign period.

These updated criteria aim to ensure that only established and reputable exchanges with significant trading volumes are granted Recommended Status on

The inclusion of a maintenance requirement and the option for status revocation helps maintain the integrity of the Recommended Status over time. Additionally, the bonus criteria incentivize partnerships with Sponsored Exchange clients.

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