What types of coins are there?

There are lots of types of cryptocurrencies and more and more great use cases are emerging. 
On our home page, you can rank on different coin categories. Here we go through each of those:
NFT tokens
There are non-fungible tokens and NFT tokens. A non-fungible token represents a digital and unique item. Think of a game item, a collectible, or a domain name. Learn more about NFTs on Coinranking.
An NFT token is a 'normal' cryptocurrency used in an NFT ecosystem. You can buy an NFT with NFT tokens for example. 
DeFi tokens
DeFi stands for Decentralized finance and means financial instruments made possible by smart contracts.
Our DeFi category contains assets that are essential to financial instruments made possible by smart contracts.
Subcategories of DeFi are lending, borrowing, algoritmic assets, stablecoins, interest, oracles, governance tokens
Staking coins
If you stake your coins, you lock them in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain network. In return holders receive rewards.

A stablecoin aims to create stability and is for that reason backed by FIAT currency or other valuable goods to achieve stability.

Meme coins
Meme coins are coins based on a meme or joke. The most well-known is Dogecoin, which is even in the top 10 of all coins.

DAO tokens
...or governance tokens, are voting tokens that are often used in decentralized autonomous organizations and meant to create democracy in an organization. Voting tokens can be used for the governance of a decentralized autonomous organization.

Exchange tokens
These utility tokens* are created by crypto exchanges for their holders to use in the exchange ecosystems. As a coin holder, you often enjoy several advantages, such as lower trading fees.

DEX tokens
DEX stands for decentralized exchange, which is a crypto exchange without the interference of a third party. DEX tokens are governance tokens used in the ecosystem of a DEX, giving its holder voting rights, etc.

*Utility token
The utility token is meant to be used to get acces to services. Utility tokens are also called app coins and represent the right to participation in an online network.

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