Changelog of

Notable changes to


  • 26 Mar: Three new base chain DEXs added (Uniswap V2(Base), Uniswap V3(Base) and BaseSwap)
  • 26 Mar: BTC added as a reference currency
  • 26 Mar: Search option for tags added
  • 8 Mar: Accounts are online
  • 14 Feb: New coin category added for ERC-404
  • 13 Feb: Search function support for finding coins by their contract address
  • 26 Jan: New coin category added for CFT-20, Liquid Staking and DePIN
  • 19 Jan: Automatic posting of Signals on Twitter
  • 15 Jan: New coin category added for Ethscriptions
  • 9 Jan: New coin category added for CBRC-20
  • 4 Jan: New coin categories added for ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-20 and SPL


  • 28 Dec: UI improvements on Signals
  • 28 Dec: More Signals added
  • 8 Dec: Full price history is added to the coin calculator
  • 6 Dec: 15+ new DEXs added
  • 4 Dec: New coin category added for Real World Assets
  • Sep 20: Change 2 supply tooltips and 1 label
  • Sep 20: Updated stats bar with 24 hr change percentage to total market cap in the front end
  • Sep 11: Shortened prices that show more than 8 digits on website
  • Sep 5: All other languages removed
  • Aug 22: Shortened prices that show more than 8 digits on website
  • Aug 18: Signals was launched
  • Jul 24: Bug fix
  • Jul 24: Updated listing form in airtable and generate automatic "your coin is listed email"
  • Jun 12: Article added to the New page.
  • May 11: New form for listing coins on Coinranking
  • May 8: New coin category added for BRC-20 tokens
  • Apr 19: Articles added to all category pages with extensive explanation
  • Mar 4: Some bug fixes
  • Feb 3: Bug fixes in the charts on the coin detail pages
  • Feb 13: New coin category added for AI coins
  • Jan 24: Tags added, Fan tokens and Football tokens. Also, the order of the tags on the home page has been changed
  • Jan 19: Bug fix: Market cap of tag pages were incorrect
  • Jan 16: A new notification when changing the global time period. Also, Fixed exchange, it didn't receive data
  • Jan 13: The gainers and losers labels in the coin lists have changed to be more visible
  • Jan 12: Action buttons (sharing, language, currency etc.) are added to the exchange pages as well
  • Jan 10: Fixed an issue of coins showing 0 exchanges, but still receiving prices
  • Jan 3: Chilliz exchange data integrated
  • Jan 2: 3 coin lists added to the bottom of the home page and category pages


  • Dec 30: Trading volume filter updated, so that coins with low volume don't become tier 1
  • Dec 5: New 'stats bar' added to all coin list pages
  • Nov 17: Coins without price data now show a clear notification with an explanation
  • Nov 11: A heart icon in the top navigation that links to the Favorites page
  • Nov 9: New coin categories: Social tokens, Web3 tokens. Also, PancakeSwap data integration improved
  • Oct 21: Coin page: Tags added to Links section
  • Oct 20: Distinction between CEXs and DEXs
  • Sep 6: 'New' label is shown when a coin is newly added
  • Jun 23: Bug fix: The all-time high was shown incorrectly sometimes
  • Jun 15: More time periods in the chart and the time period site settings
  • May 24: Redesign of the top section of home and coin pages

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